Welcome to Keyhorde

Ryne Hager’s Space65 in a prior incarnation

After much sitting, domain-squatting, and the usual bloggish heming and hawing, Keyhorde is live (—ish).

It’s early days, but our editors can track somewhere around two decades of mechanical keyboard love. With the sheer volume of switches, keysets, group buys, and customization now offered by the community, it has become impossible to keep track of things in the same way, and demand is booming. Limited ~100 unit drops for new boards now frustratingly sell out in seconds. Even we consider it hard to keep abreast with news — and we do our best to follow it.

To that end, meet Keyhorde. It’s… well, it’s the best vaguely witty keyboard related name we could find since keeblog dot com was taken, goddamn it.

Ryan Whitwam’s Galaxy Class

Our staff is small, but growing (and, at present, unpaid), with Ryne Hager, Ryan Whitwam, David Ruddock, and Matt Scholtz ready and waiting to blog.

Right now we’re running a basic theme, with no ads (we don’t even qualify for them yet) But, rest assured, you can get your keeb-related news, reviews, and even some overly opinionated editorials right here — or soon, anyway. Expect things to break pretty often as we settle on details like our site design and theme, and enjoy.

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